part time jobs in kathmandu for students 2022
git 'er done!
part time jobs in kathmandu for students 2022
1 press all seams flat.
2 remove loose threads on both the front and back of the quilt.
3 backing and batting need to be at least 5 incles longer and wider
than the quilt top on each edge. don't baste or pin the layers together.
4 if the backing needs to be pieced, sew the pieces together with a
1/2 inch seam and press open. remove all selvages and square up.
5 make sure the backing is square.
6 use a safety pin to mark the top of the quilt and the top of the
backing if you have a preference.

part time jobs in kathmandu for students 2022
edge-to-edge $.0125/sq. inch
edge-to-edge with separate border $.025/sq. inch
custom $.025/sq. inch (includes stabilizing stitch-in-the-ditch if desired)
stitch-in-the-ditch $.02to $.03 depending on the extent of the stitching
basting for hand quilting

thread $8 per quilt
batting $7.99 yard

minimum charge of $40

it's easy to figure out the square inches of your quilt...
measure the length and the width and multiply those numbers to get the total
square inches of your quilt. then take the total square inches and multiply it by
$.0125 to get the quilting price!

paypal, personal check, cash, or money order.
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